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Letter of Didi (1971 activist)

March 6, 1971

Hon. Romulo Lumauig:

First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting me last night.  It was quite an experience for me to be with “big” people like you.  It was just as memorable for me to be able to enter the Pines Hotel.  As you might have read in the papers, we were arrested for trying to pace through the driveway (I repeat the driveway) of Pines Hotel on our way to UP after the picket at SLU.  Thanks to you, now I’ve seen the Pines Hotel.

Secondly, I do appreciate your desire to be able to read our books.  Just by reading them, you shall have helped us a lot.  And your further wish to discuss them with me is something I’ll never be able to thank you for.

Thirdly, allow me to clarify some things.  Please don’t misunderstand my asking financial help from you.  We’re definitely not using the few rich to attain our goals.  If only we had the money, I wouldn’t even sell the books to you.  In fact, what we consider more important than your financial help, is your wish to really know our issues through reading and discussions.  Also, please don’t misunderstand me when I make a “hasty” generalization in classifying you.  To be brief, let me just refer you to “Ang Estado at mga uri sa ating lipunan”, one of the hand-outs enclosed.  And obviously, you belong to the upper 4% if not the upper 1% (See also class analysis, in PSR by Amado Guerrero).
I did mean what I said – that reforms shouldn’t come from you.  We believe that people who are suffering under our system are more effective as reformists.  And in as much as it’s the working class lead the call for reforms.  And besides, we can’t leave out the possibility that reforms coming from your ranks be such that they will promote and maintain your interests.  Not that we doubt your sincerity – in fact, I do believe in your sincerity (as I have said) – but how many among you is as sincere as you; and how many among us believe in your sincerity like I do?

And besides, don’t you agree that many Congressmen have ceased to become representatives of the people? Most have become to be more of a representative of the few rich.  Since such is now the case, who would believe that the few reforms you’re fighting for are for the benefit of the many oppressed.  Again you might accuse me of hasty generalization but I suppose it’s safe to generalize at this point since there have been too many precedencies.  Kung kaya sa inductive logic, many particular cases lead to a logical conclusion.

Fourthly, thanks for giving me a new experience – that of walking down Baguio streets with a body guard following behind.  It was such an unusual  feeling, I even went to the extent of  making believe  he was my own bodyguard.  But the thought of having a bodyguard because I have so many  enemies  gave me the creeps.    I’m  not saying here that that you have a bodyguard because you have enemies – it’s just that I have always associated bodyguards with enemies.

By the way, here’s the list of books and readings and their corresponding donations:

Victor C.Book         -    P2.00 minimum
Kalatas            -    P0.25 minimum
Bandilang P. (1st issue)-    free
(2nd issue)        -    P0.20 minimum
all other hand – outs    -    free
Phil. Soc. in Revolution-    P10.00 minimum

(this is my personal book so I hope you don’t mind the markings.  I wanted so much to give you a copy now and I wasn’t able to get a new one.)

This gives a total of P12.25 minimum donation.  We always talk in terms of minimum donation because we greatly appreaciate whatever additional donation you can give.
Lastly, allow me extend my final thanks.  At nalaman ko na ang buong MAKIBAKA ay nagpapahayag din ng taos- pusong pasasalamat sa inyong tulong.

Hanggang sa muling pagkikita –

Ang inyong lingcod sa pakikibaka,

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