Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dear Fellow Filipinos! A message from an Indigenous peoples group

Dear Fellow Countrymen!

I am Romy Lumauig seeking your vote (support).  I am a nominee of ABANTE KATUTUBO Party-list.  Our acronym is “ABANTE KA” listed as No.28 in the ballot for party-list of voters in the May 10, 2010 national elections.  I am a GADDANG, the ethno-liguistic community-indeginous peoples (IP’s) of Nueva Viscaya.

The “Katutubos” better known as “lumads” belong to that sector of indigenous peoples and are the less-advantaged, downtrodden and easily exploited as they live in extreme poverty, are discriminated against and invariably left behid as social victims, and have been subjected to theft and plunder of their lands and traditional habitats.  Having worked amongst them in my past life, I have chosen to take up their case anew.  God willing, with your heroic support and I make it to Congress, I shall be their vote, to help them catch up with their generally advanced and better-off-brothers by having to reach down and endeavor to pull them up a rung or two, the relatively unlettered, the sick, the weak, the unattended and the defenseless  --  for they are the “least of our Brethren”.  We seek to improve the quality of life for them.  I am sure we are all one in their noble quest.

Thank you for your very valued support and God bless!

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